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What Makes FuseSign Unique For Accountants?

FuseSign Document Bundles allow each individual document to have specific settings on who needs to sign, view or not access a document within a bundle. This allows for an accountant to include all documents to do with a family group in one bundle, give everyone on the list just one email and one place to go to action what they need to, and streamline the entire process.

FuseSign allows for accounting firms to be able to better utilize the option of this kind of transactional signing method which is simple for the client as there is no need to remember a username and password and can be done on any device connected to the internet.

An amazing client experience

No more multiple email notifications, username and passwords, or needing to go to the post office for your clients! With FuseSign, the recipients receive one link that accesses all relevant documents within a bundle. Plus it’s mobile friendly, so they can sign from anywhere!

Your clients, your branding

With FuseSign, you’re able to customise your client experience by setting logo and primary colours* so that your clients experience a seemless experience with your business.

*Features dependent on subscription level.

Greater control, better workflows

Using FuseSign you can send to as many recipients as you want, with as many documents as you need, with controls over who needs to sign, view or have restricted access to each document.

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