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"The time savings are far more than I expected"

"Working with FuseWorks implementation team was amazing!"

Connole Carlisle already had a regimented business process in place when it came to pulling together client documentation, with the whole process set up in a workflow, when one task would get done, and that would trigger the next. But it all had to be done manually. Kaye being a natural innovator is always looking for new ways to gain efficiencies to address the challenges of having limited human resources available in their region.

They’ve tried a few things in the past, like emailing documents whenever possible, but ultimately 99% of the time, they were still printing things and mailing them out.

The next challenge was to convince the other partners of the benefits of automating their processes. Kaye didn’t have a benchmark or idea of how long it would take to collate documents to send out. She chatted with the admin team and was convinced that automating their process was the way to go to help them save time and work more efficiently

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