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Digital Signing,     Done Simply

FuseSign is an affordable, intuitive and easy to use Digital Signature platform.

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Greater Control, Greater Flexibility, One Document Bundle.

Send multiple documents to multiple recipients and have them signed and returned to you within minutes instead of days for the price of a stamp. It's legally binding and can be used for a wide range of signature requirements. 

Easier for you to send and easier for your clients to action.

Built simply to handle the complex – we know that documentation for clients of professional service businesses often consist of multiple signatures across multiple documents.

With FuseSign you can set signatures required and view only recipients for each individual document in your bundle. 

Supporting Hundreds of Firms across Australia

 We help practices of all shapes and sizes automate their business. Check our clients inspiring success stories! 

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I don’t know why we didn’t move to it sooner but I’m so glad we did! When those who recommended FuseWorks to us said that we wouldn’t look back after implementing and the amount of time we would save – they were telling the truth!
Sally Black McCulloch & Partners
It's really streamlined. We send documents directly from FuseDocs and FYI using FuseSign, and the clients find it a lot easier to enter a code off the phone than to remember a password they would only need twice a year.
Jamie Arrington Canny Group
Our cost with plain paper has decreased to less than half, and our postage has decreased to half, and again, we’re expecting that to flow on even more in the new financial year.

Kaye Lawson Connole Carlisle
Chartered Accountant
FuseDocs and FuseSign definitely takes the hassle out of collating documents so we can focus on putting more useful information into the pack for the client. I’ve been amazed at the flexibility of the program so really impressed.
Josh Churchward Compass Direction

We are loving FuseSign!

We’ve received so much positive feedback from the team and our clients on how easy the platform is to use. For anyone who is looking to implement FuseSign to their firm, we would highly recommend it! 10/10!

Sussann McKinney Ascot Partners

Don’t be afraid to roll it out, you won’t regret it. And actually, it’s not that difficult. If you can work a toaster, you can probably work FuseSign. 

Hayden Syers Lee Coutts & Syers

See why over Hundreds of Firms choose FuseSign for their Digital Signing Platform 

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Whitepaper: Electronic Signing Distribution Options

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5 Oct '21

Whitepaper: Guide to Automation

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