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Why FuseSign

The only digital signature platform your business will ever need.  

FuseSign is a digital signature platform like no other. Send documents for signing and have them back within hours, not days, with granular control of viewing and signing permissions and security levels, including a full audit trail, all for the price of a stamp.

Get things done faster for less.

The results are faster turnarounds, significant cost savings, improved client experience and more time for you to spend doing the work that matters.

Recent feedback from clients has stated a reduction in mailing costs by 70% and printing costs by 50%, not to mention the time saved from not printing and mailing out document bundles.

Instead of waiting five days to have it back, documents are returned in 2 hours on average. How is that for efficiency?


reduction in mailing costs


reduction in printing costs

2 hours

turnaround for a returned document instead of 5 days average via traditional post.

*Average numbers, based on client's feedback.

Our Promise

Affordable digital signing, with a fair and transparent price structure.

Our goal is to help reduce the administrative burdens through the power of automation so you and your team can focus on the tasks that matter. 

We want to make it as easier as possible for your team to get things done faster for less.

We believe in the power of automation to help businesses achieve optimum productivity.

We believe a fair and transparent pricing structure puts you in the driver seat, knowing upfront how much it will cost you and being able to measure how much it can save you.

We believe in simplicity and build smart technology solutions that are efficient, intuitive, easy to use, safe, and with minimal steps, offering your team and clients a smooth and outstanding user experience.

Why do Professional Services prefer FuseSign?

FuseSign is the leader in Digital Signing for Professional Services. Here is why: 

Features FuseSign Others
Fair transparent pricing, no hidden costs Undisclosed fees might incur
Granular control over documents and recipients
Unlimited users at no extra costs
Mobile friendly and 2-Factor authentication Rarely
Australian made and owned with data stored in Australia. Rarely

Ready to get started?

  • With a 14-day free trial on offer.
  • No lock-in contract.
  • From as little as $0.90 per signer.
  • Quick and easy set up; have it up and running in 15 minutes or less. 

No commitment, no credit card needed.

You have nothing to lose!

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Why digital signing?

Faster turnaround

Get documents signed and returned within minutes, not days. No more rush hour drives to the post office and braving long queues then waiting days to get them back to you.

Better client experience

Your clients receive one link and page to sign all relevant documents. No need to create or remember logins and passwords, or to use a desktop. It's simple, secure and mobile friendly.

Your brand showcased

With FuseSign you can customise your client experience with your logo and colours for a professional and consistent look and feel with a push of a button. 

Significant cost saving

Think about how much you spend per year in paper and postage costs. What if you could save more than half of that cost by implementing one single tool  that takes less than 15 minutes to get set up? Yes, you can. 

Happier teams

Eliminate the risks associated with manual work and avoid re-working. Automation removes the administrative burdens from your teams, increasing efficiency and happiness index within your business. 

Granular control

FuseSign allows you full control on who can view, sign or can't view each document in a bundle. Great for complex or large family groups. There is no limits on documents, or recipients – you can do it all in one bundle, saving you time, effort and money.

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