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FuseDocs + FuseSign Integration

With FuseDocs and FuseSign integration, you can compile your document or entity packs and seamlessly deliver to multiple recipients, with different actions (view or sign), all with security applied and complete control over the actions.

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FuseSign Subscriptions (Business and above)

FuseDocs users will have access to the direct integration which allows you to set up documents, recipients and signing responsibilities in FuseDocs before submitting it to FuseSign for final sending.

What the Integration Delivers

  • Leverage your practice management data to use client contact details
  • Simple assigning of signing actions

How To Leverage FuseDocs To Work With FuseSign?

FuseDocs is designed to streamline your current processes – and as much of them as possible – and now with FuseSign we can make it super simple for your clients to get their documents, approve and sign!


FuseDocs is designed in a customised way to compile, format and create your client ready documents with simplicity and consistency.

If you’d like to leverage our FuseSign signing platform its easy:

  1. Let us know
  2. We make some changes to your FuseDocs template to re-configure the signing output so it's ready for FuseSign
  3. Then send to FuseSign

Along with the professional FuseDocs generated document package that gets included as a read only client copy, we can configure signing documents in two ways:

  1. We can create entity packs with each document for an entity being all of the signing documents for the entity combined together seamlessly by FuseDocs; or
  2. We can deliver every signing document for the group as separate documents.

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