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Case Study

“It's really streamlined and the clients find it a lot easier"

Canny Group was still adjusting to their newly adopted Document and Practice Management System when COVID hit. Having to figure out how to quickly adapt to so many changes in a short period while maintaining high levels of service, implementing FuseDocs and FuseSign, and having the ability to integrate them with their new systems played a critical role in making the transition smooth and seamless.  

Compay Name: Canny Group
Location: Geelong, VIC
Practice Management: Xero Practice Manager
Document Management: FYI

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Jamie was with Canny Group for five years when she left for about six months. When she returned around the same time COVID hit, the business had moved to XPM and FYI.

With so many changes in such a short period and the need to quickly adapt to the new normal COVID had brought, Jamie and her team were faced with a bit of adjusting and refining their existing processes.

One of her many challenges was to figure out how they were going to send out the final tax returns and financial statements packs to their business clients. They were using another platform for packs for individual tax returns, but they didn’t have a platform or process in place for business clients to create a professional package. The process was cumbersome.

Jamie is impressed by how much easier and extremely fast the whole process has been.

“It’s taking me less time actually to send the documents out than it did for me to prepare everything to give to the admin team member to then send out.”

What before used to take an hour now takes Jamie two minutes. What used to be a bit of a disjointed report that took too long to be produced now became an easy, effortless and professionally presented client pack.

“For example, we had a client, a BAS client who wasn’t tech-savvy and was resistant to use our previous signing platform, but with lockdown this week, we sent out a document to him through FuseSign, and he had no issues.”

- Jamie Arrington, Divisional Manager, Accounting