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Case Study

Our First-Ever UK FuseSign Client

It's not every day that you come across a firm focused on leveraging technology to be the best they can be while remaining dedicated to delivering solutions that truly fit their clients, but that is exactly what Chippenham practice, Pillow May, encapsulates.

Compay Name: Pillow May
Location: Chippenham, United Kingdom
Practice Management: Xero
Document Management:  FYI

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“The features FuseSign had to offer, along with the interactions we had with the FuseSign team, were unmatched"

Last week, our team had the opportunity to spend a day with the Pillow May team, and their passion and commitment to their clients and their team shone through. We enjoyed the peaceful surrounds of their Dutch Barn Countryside Practice in the beautiful countryside of Chippenham. The emphasis on their culture, core values, and innovative thinking for their clients, aided by technology, sets them apart.

They have selected FuseSign to handle their client communication and e-signing, and we couldn’t be happier to have them leading the way in the UK. FuseSign has been deeply integrated into their everyday practices for over a year now as they progressed through their cloud transformation journey. The past few years have involved a staged and carefully planned transition from their existing server-based systems to a more flexible and mobile cloud-tech stack.

This has resulted in a cloud-based practice with a focus on client and internal workflow efficiency at the core of their decision-making. They utilise Xero and Free Agent for client accounts based on the client profile, and by leveraging Xero Practice Manager and Tax, they ensure consistency in applications while maintaining flexibility for client bookkeeping.

The integration of FYI for their document management has allowed them to harness all the automations within FYI to create business rules and manage their client communications. The seamless connection between FYI and FuseSign ensures that any document sent to a client undergoes 2FA Mobile verification security. This tight-knit integration also facilitates automated status updates when documents are signed and automatic filing of all signed documents back to FYI. It has been a game-changer for them, reducing internal time while providing clients with a simple and secure method to receive various types of information, ranging from Annual Accounts to quarterly VAT and ad hoc documents.

From our perspective at FuseSign, this type of client is the best kind. They challenge us, collaborate with us, and understand the importance of a vendor-client relationship. Melissa Voss, our co-founder, had the privilege of witnessing this firsthand and states, "Pillow May is an exemplary client that we love working with. In fact, we are incredibly fortunate to have many clients like them, who help us continuously strive to evolve and maintain our position as the number one choice for accounting firms globally. Our commitment to features, integrations, and our dedicated support team sets us apart. By staying focused on our industry and prioritising accounting at our core, we ensure we address what truly matters to them"

"The features FuseSign had to offer, along with the interactions we had with the FuseSign team, were unmatched. We were aware of their passion for their product, their willingness to collaborate with us to constantly improve the product for the UK and our industry, and it simply felt right. I had to create a business case for Jessica, and I recommended 100% FuseSign for these very reasons."

- Samantha Sollis, Client Relationship Manager, Pillow May