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Case Study

“I Don’t Know Why We Didn’t Do it Sooner!”

McCulloch & Partners is a Chartered Accounting Firm with multiple locations across New Zealand. Like many businesses, the COVID-19 forced the business into working from home and needing to quickly re-evaluate how they approached some of their processes to completing work.

Compay Name: McCulloch & Partners
Location: New Zealand
Practice Management: APS
Document Management: Windows Explorer

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Until implementing FuseDocs and FuseSign, the McCulloch & Partner teams were printing, organising, and binding documents manually before sending documents out in the post for signing.

“Implementing FuseDocs and FuseSign has literally shaved days off the finalisation of that process and produced less back and forth between teams. Before we implemented FuseDocs and FuseSign, the accountant would finalise the report then hand it over to the administration team to bind and post. Depending on the priority, it would sometimes take days before a collation was even sent out to the client, adding even more time to the turnaround and finalising of jobs.”

McCulloch & Partners use the FuseDocs and FuseSign integration and after only a few months have seen significant time savings and efficiency that allows their team to work remotely and across offices without any delay in processing work.

“I also really love the consistency of our documentation now” said Sally. With FuseDocs standardising the branding of the cover and divider pages, headers and footers, it means that all users of FuseDocs get the same output across all document packs, which leads to a more professional looking final product. Documents are then sent via FuseSign, that has the business branding on the notification emails, and signing area for clients.

“I don’t know why we didn’t move to it sooner, but I’m so glad we did! When those who recommended FuseWorks to us said that we wouldn’t look back after implementing and the amount of time we would save – they were telling the truth!”

- Sally Black, Office Manager